Linda Bergman... CTO - AI and Data Architect

Linda Bergman is an experienced AI and data architect, with a long track record in senior IT roles.  She is ideally suited for senior IT roles such as Data Architect or CTO.

AI and Data Architect

Linda is an experienced IT architect and applies the same expertise to your AI applications. She makes sure that your AI is scalable and aligned to your business goals. She makes your AI and data processes repeatable using ML Ops.

AI Expertise

Linda has a strong research background and applies the latest AI advancements to your products. She has allround AI experience:

  • Natural language processing
  • Computer vision
  • Time series
  • Graph analytics

Data Pipelines

Linda has a lot of experience with setting up data pipelines. Using her long experience as an IT architect, she knows how to create scalable, fast and easy to maintain data pipelines.

  • Cloud datalakes with AWS
  • Streaming pipeleins with Kafka
  • Databases like MongoDB, Cassandra and Neo4J
  • Text search with Elasticsearch

IT Solutions

Linda also has extensive IT knowledge in more traditional IT:

  • Front-end applications and apps
  • Back-end applications with complex business logic
  • SaaS applications using Rest API's

Technological Skills

More Than 20 Years in Senior IT Roles

AI Cafe
AI CafeCTO - AI and Data Architect
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2018 - Now

  • AI and big data: courses and workshops
  • AI solutions
  • Data architecture
CreditClickSolution Architect - Lead Developer
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Design and build a minimal viable product. Select technology stack and create an application architecture.

Credit Suisse
Credit SuisseSolution Architect - Lead Developer
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2017 - 2017

Automated hedging tool for Credit Suisse treasury. Match financial instruments to swaps to control the risk profile of managed assets.

ABN AMROSolution Designer - Scrum Master
Read More

Design processes and applications for opening bank accounts and requesting commercial credit. Improve team dynamics.

Tele 2
Tele 2Business Analyst - Scrum Master
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2013 - 2014

Design of business portal and credit check engine. Scrum master.

Volvo Group
Volvo GroupEnterprise and Integration Architect
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2012 - 2013 (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Integration and enterprise architecture for enterprise-wide global financial system. Integration of +200 systems.

T-MobileSolution Designer
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Solution design of sales and self-care web applications.

Algorithmic Trading
Algorithmic TradingQuant Developer
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2009 - 2010

Design and development of automated trading applications. Set up data-lake and create AI algorihms.

KPNArchitect - Business Analyst
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2007 - 2009

Architecture of enterprise-wide service oriented architecture and integration solutions.

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2007 - 2007

Design solution architecture for new DSL product line. Define enterprise architecture and IT roadmap for XS4All.

INGArchitect - Business Analyst
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2005 - 2006

Design and development of internet banking systems for PostBank and ING.

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2004 - 2005

Architecture of new operations and business support system.

Essent Kabelcom
Essent KabelcomArchitect
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2003 - 2004

Architecture of new operations and business support system.

ABN AMRODeveloper - Lead Designer
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2002 - 2003

Design and development of credit management and sales support application.

TrilogyDeveloper - Architect
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2000 - 2001 (Austin, TX)

Design and development of automated underwriting engine for Prudential Insurance. Product development of AI-based personalization engine.

MDCOArchitect - Lead Developer
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1999- 2000 (Antwerp)

Design and development of track-and-trace SaaS application for fleet management of trucking companies.

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1997 - 1999 (Antwerp)

Design and development of distributed medical imaging systems for US Navy.

University of Limburg
University of LimburgResearch
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1995 - 1997

A combination of fundamental research in virtual creatures and AI, applied research in multimedia and internet and teaching.


AI Experience

Natural Language Processing

Most enterprise data is in the form of documents, memos, articles and mails. Use natural language processing to unlock this treasure trove of informaton.

  • Scan and extract information from invoices
  • Prepare a legal case by reasoning over thousands of documents
  • Route and distribute articles for social media campaigns
  • Analyze document sentiment to filter out fake news or biased media

Computer Vision

Many of the most inspiring applications of artificial intelligence are in the field of computer vision. Analyze, improve, synthezise, group and filter images.

  • Diagnose skin cancer using a mobile phone
  • Recognize the artist and style of paintings
  • Detect anomalies in manafuctaring processes
  • Classify, group and filter image collections
  • Synthesize artificial images

Time Series Prediction

Time series prediction is a key AI technology in many industries: retail, finance, medical and internet of things.

  • Predict product demand in retail stores
  • Diagnose heart conditions using a mobile phone
  • Handle the input of thousands of sensors for IoT applications
  • Improve your finances using robo-investing
  • Predict the load on wind turbines

Graph Analytics

Graph analytics focusses on the relationships between entities and on the structure of these relationships.

  • Identify key influencers in social media networks
  • Analyze networks of shell companies to fight money laundering
  • Find the weakest links in logistics and trade networks